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Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham, Sheffield, South Yorkshire


Using animation to tell the stories of South Yorkshire residents, this powerful campaign highlights the abuse some people experience from those that they love and trust.


Quick summary

The campaign includes a series of animations that cover domestic abuse stories of:

  1. A story of male on female domestic abuse
  2. A story of financial abuse
  3. The different types of domestic abuse
  4. A story of female on male domestic abuse
  5. A story of abuse from a gay man
  6. A story of honour based abuse
  7. A young person’s story of abuse
  8. A story of male on female domestic abuse

All of the animations are hosted on YouTube.  Subtitles are available in a number of languages using the settings function.

You can also translate any page on our website using the Plug-in at the bottom of the page.


Each two-minute animation takes the viewer on a journey of the survivor’s experiences, explaining how things started well, but then became abusive.  They then go on to explain how by accessing support, these survivors are now living a happy life away from harm.

The stories are the real life experiences of people living in South Yorkshire.  Volunteers from South Yorkshire have narrated the animations. One woman has narrated her own story.

Leaflets available on the following in English:

Leaflets available on the following in Urdu:

Four page leaflets available to download in English and Urdu.

The following digital posters are available to view and download in English.

We also have posters available to view and download in Urdu.

If you would like to discuss this campaign and the availability of the posters and leaflets in other languages, please contact Samantha Mawson, Communications Manager on

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