Domestic abuse is where one adult hurts or bullies another person. They could be in a relationship together or have split up. It can also happen to people within the same family. 

It affects children and young people too. And just seeing it can cause real harm to their mental health. 

Children can also be hurt or bullied as part of domestic abuse.

There can be lots of different types of abusive behaviour. Domestic abuse can include:

  • Kicking, hitting, punching or cutting
  • Rape (including in a relationship)
  • Controlling someone’s finances by withholding money or stopping someone earning
  • Controlling behaviour, like telling someone where they can go and what they can’t wear
  • Not letting someone leave the house
  • Reading emails, text messages or letters
  • Threatening to kill someone or harm them
  • Being threatening to another family member

If this is happening in your family and you don’t know what to do, please contact us. We will listen and we can help.

Doncaster Domestic Abuse Hub – 01302 737080
IDAS Barnsley – 03000 110 110
IDAS Sheffield – 0808 808 2241
Rotherham Rise – 0330 2020571
Galop (The LGBT+ anti-violence charity) – 0800 999 5428
National 24 Domestic Abuse Helpline – 0808 2000 247
If there is immediate danger, please call 999, or 101 to report an incident of domestic abuse.

For more information about domestic abuse, please visit:

To download these leaflets for printing please click on this link – Domestic Abuse Campaign – A5 Leaflets