The VRU has set out 16 Violence Reduction priorities, for all organisations working to tackle violence across South Yorkshire.

The Violence Reduction Priorities are:

  1. Work with partners to promote safe, nurturing and stable relationships between children and their parents and caregivers
  2. Encourage all professionals and organisations to become trauma-informed, to an approved standard for South Yorkshire
  3. Tackle domestic abuse and work to ensure that survivors can access the support they need
  4. Promote gender equality to reduce and prevent violence against women and girls
  5. Work in partnership to improve South Yorkshire residents’ mental health, and work so that those who need support receive it in a timely manner
  6. Support people who misuse substances to make more positive choices
  7. Work in partnership to reduce the harmful use of alcohol
  8. Work in partnership to ensure that children and young people have equal opportunities to access education and that their different starting points and situations are taken into account
  9. Support people into employment and provide pathways to further education and
  10. Promote the importance of access to adequate housing for people to help them stay healthy and thrive
  11. Increase community cohesion, supporting residents to identify and maximise their assets
  12. Support effective rehabilitation, providing ways out for those already entrenched in violence, or who have previously been in prison
  13. Reduce access to lethal means
  14. Work to change the cultural and social attitudes which contribute to violence
  15. Work to embed the public health approach in Community Safety Partnerships, and ensure that existing mechanisms for change are fully utilised
  16. Reduce violence through victim identification, care and support programmes