The area profile provides all of the evidence, intelligence and research, as well as an understanding of the upstream drivers of violence.  The following priorities are proposed for all organisations working across the system in South Yorkshire.  We will work with organisations across South Yorkshire on the 16 violence reduction priorities.

The Community Safety Partnerships in Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield are coordinating production of local violence reduction action plans to deliver the response strategy at a local level.  These plans identify local gaps and actions for improvement against the 16 violence reduction priorities, using the mechanisms identified in the response strategy. These plans will report to the Violence Reduction Executive Board.

  • Encourage safe, nurturing and stable relationships between children and their parents and caregivers
  • Encourage all professionals and organisations to continue to work toward becoming trauma-informed, to an approved standard for South Yorkshire
  • Work to end domestic abuse
  • Promote gender equality to prevent violence against women
  • Work in partnership to improve the mental health of the population, and advocate for those who need support to receive it in a timely manner
  • Support people who misuse substances to make more positive choices
  • Work in partnership to reduce the availability and harmful use of alcohol
  • Work in partnership to ensure that children and young people have equal access to education and that their differing starting points and situational context is taken into account
  • Support people into employment and provide pathways to further education/re-training
  • Ensure that housing is adequate
  • Increase cohesion in our communities, supporting our communities to identify and maximise their assets
  • Provide ways out for those already entrenched in violence, or who have been previously incarcerated, to support effective rehabilitation.
  • Reduce access to lethal means
  • Work to change cultural and social norms that support violence
  • Work to embed this approach in Community Safety Partnerships, and ensure that existing mechanisms for change are fully utilised
  • Reduce violence through victim identification, care and support programmes.