£1.6m funding to set up a Violence Reduction Unit in South Yorkshire

In August 2019, the Home Office announced confirmation that they would be providing the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner with £1.6m funding to set up a Violence Reduction Unit in South Yorkshire.

South Yorkshire is one of 18 areas worst affected by violence in the UK. The funding allocations are based on NHS data on hospital admissions for sharp object assault. The funding from the Home Office is to empower organisations to think differently and work together to reduce violence.

In South Yorkshire, we are taking a public health approach to preventing and reducing violence. This means that we look at the causes of violence, working in partnership to stop violence before it starts, halt the progression of violence once it has already begun and provide ways out for people already entrenched in violent behaviour.

We need to understand the common factors and the root causes of what drives people to violent behaviour and work together to reduce and prevent.

The South Yorkshire Violence Reduction Unit must provide the two products required by the Home Office. We are producing an area profile, that looks at the whole spectrum of risk.

We will be working in partnership with organisations and communities in South Yorkshire to develop this understanding, and use the results to produce a long-term response strategy that will give direction in future years.

We will be working closely with communities within South Yorkshire to encourage people to not be afraid as most people do not carry knives.

We also need to gain an understanding of their perception of violence and the causes.