Domestic abuse can include a wide range of abusive behaviour. It can happen to anyone; partners, ex-partners, family members; regardless of sexuality, gender, religion, orientation, race, background or upbringing.

Children and young people can also be affected by domestic abuse they see and hear and can also be harmed as part of domestic abuse between adults. However, many young people also experience domestic abuse from their boyfriend or girlfriend.

Find out more by watching the animations below:

  1. A story of male on female domestic abuse
  2. A story of financial abuse
  3. The different types of domestic abuse
  4. A story of female on male domestic abuse
  5. A story of abuse from a gay man
  6. A story of honour based abuse
  7. A young person’s story of abuse
  8. A story of male on female domestic abuse

This video is here to remind you that you are not alone:

Domestic abuse can take many forms such as:

The following video explains how here in South Yorkshire we are looking at ways to support victims away from their abuse.

Supporting victims of domestic abuse, from a police officer’s role:

We have recently funded CrimeStoppers to produce some posters and leaflets that can be used within your communities.

Clare’s Law

Clare’s Law is a domestic violence disclosure scheme, it involves the right to ask the police if your partner or a third party you are concerned about has a previous background history of violence.

It is explained in more detail in this video:

Smart Water

This short animation explains how through the use of Smart Water perpetrators of domestic abuse can be identified, and how this keeps victims safe:

This next video further explains how there is a force-wide initiative to keep victims of domestic abuse in South Yorkshire safe:

Here in South Yorkshire, we are all working to create a safe environment where victims can reach out and get the help they need, with the knowledge that it is never their fault. If you are experiencing abuse or violence at home know that many organisations are here for you and you are not alone.

Support services

  • Doncaster Domestic Abuse hub – 01302 737080
  • IDAS Barnsley – 03000 110 110
  • IDAS Sheffield – 0808 808 2241
  • Rotherham Rise – 0330 2020571

The 24-hour National Domestic Abuse Helpline will also listen to your voice, 0808 2000 247.

Domestic abuse support services in South Yorkshire:

Domestic abuse and support services:

If it is an emergency or you are in immediate danger then call 999. If you cant speak, listen to the operator and cough, or press the keys on your phone. You will be asked to press 55, the is known as the ‘Silent Solution’ and it will be known that your call in an emergency.

You can report domestic violence on the front webpage of South Yorkshire Polices’ website through the online portal.

You can report domestic abuse 100% anonymously vis CrimeStoppers on 0800 555 111. Find out more on CrimeStoppers website.

Visit our CrimeStoppers page for posters, leaflets and business cards.