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Primary prevention



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For football to allow children and young adults to participate in sporting activities, which develop teamwork, leadership, tenacity and increase their well-being and health through sport. As well as providing a safe venue for adults and children to attend, socialise and be active.

Quick summary

Using football to help children and young people thrive and develop resilience. While helping keep 300 young children off the streets and also provided them with safe access to other children and adults.

Growth and maturation takes place in a physical, psychological and social aspect. Through the coaching and understanding that Dearne and District FC have of how young teenagers are developing, the sessions and matches have helped provide the experiences that children and young adults need to thrive.

Also Dearne and District FC have set up ‘Wildcats’ an all girls session for those aged 5-11 years old, as there are many limited opportunities for girls to find all girl sessions, so this can help them stay active and build their confidence.

There are two venues in Barnsley that provide these sessions. Also each team has been provided with their own COVID pack, which includes hand wash and a temperature gun to ensure the safety of participants.

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