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Tertiary prevention



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To increase the number of people with established violent behaviour, history of criminality and also those affected as victims. Their lives will be positively transformed through; participating in one-to-one coaching or mentoring support, and meaningful, structured and salaried employment.

Quick summary

The funding will ensure and guarantee that men and women with multiple and complex needs are getting the same level of existing support, this includes those with a history of violent behaviour and those who are a victim of it.

The support services will aim to be increased so it will be accessible to more people who need it. Individuals will benefit from receiving one-to-one support, training and meaningful employment opportunities through this project.

Individuals lives will be transformed to ensure they will be in control of their own lives, be consciously aware of the impact their decisions have on themselves and others and that they will be making a positive contribution to society.

The funding guarantees existing support provision for men and women, as well as creating additional hours for support workers and related activities to improve the lives and life chances of vulnerable young men and women. The existing provision of 21 hours per week delivered by two support workers, one will be dedicated to vulnerable men and the other support worker will focus on the personal needs of vulnerable females. This totals 42 hours a week of provision, helping men and women with a history of violent behaviour, criminality and/or those who are transitioning from prison into the workplace.

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