The South Yorkshire Violence Reduction Unit (VRU) is supporting the distribution of two-way radios to licensed premises in Rotherham, to allow venues to stay in contact with each other, improving safety and co-ordination in the Evening and Night-Time Economy.

Funded through VRU money provided to the local Community Safety Partnership in the last financial year, the radios have so far been distributed in Rotherham town centre, Wickersley, Swinton, and Maltby, with the VRU working with Rotherham Council’s Community Protection Unit on the project.

This forms part of the VRU’s wider work in this area, which has included the establishment of a Countywide Evening and Night-Time Economy Information Sharing Group, and the holding of training events for key stakeholders, which have been held in different districts across the county.

Graham Jones, Head of the South Yorkshire Violence Reduction Unit said: “Improving safety in the Evening and Night-Time Economy is one of the VRU’s priorities, working with key partners and stakeholders in the sector.

“I’m pleased that VRU funding provided to the Rotherham Community Safety Partnership has been used to purchase these radios, which we hope will enable greater coordination between venues.

“The VRU has spoken to venues since the radios were distributed, and there is already evidence that this initiative is having a positive impact in the local Evening and Night-Time Economy.”