The Plan B Custody Navigators programme is an initiative funded by the VRU and delivered by City Hearts in police custody suites across the county.

The Navigators aim to engage people aged 16 and over to help them make the right choices and to step away from crime. They engage and listen to those detained in custody and seek to understand how they have become involved in criminality. They provide help and support aimed to steer them away from criminality and support them on a journey away from the one they are on now.

One of the clients helped by Plan B is TD, who was arrested for common assault in March 2021. He met with a Navigator in custody and completed an initial assessment upon release. The support needs identified for TD were housing, as his bail conditions meant that he could not return to his address at that time; alcohol use; and mental health.

TD was employed as a support worker at assisted living accommodation. Due to TD’s work ethic and good work record, his manager ensured he kept his job as he was released under bail. TD was referred to Recovery Steps and in June 2021, Recovery Steps discharged him as he successfully completed their six week course.

TD was also referred to Andy’s Man Club for his mental health, and still benefits now from their weekly Monday meetings. He has praised them for helping him to speak out more confidently.

In May 2021, TD was sadly diagnosed with testicular cancer. Over the following year, TD underwent an operation and numerous chemotherapy sessions. His cancer is now stable and he is doing well. Plan B helped to support him through this.

In June 2021, TD was charged with common assault and criminal damage, and he was found guilty in January 2022. He was asked to pay a fine, received a community order, and was placed on probation for 12 months. He was also ordered to wear an alcohol tag. TD successfully wore his alcohol tag, abstained from alcohol, and had the tag removed in April 2022.

In September 2021, TD was supported to find a two-bedroom house in Rotherham, via a private landlord. TD is still being supported by Plan B with securing a new property, and in liaising with family court solicitors regarding appropriate visitation access to his daughter.

Additionally, he is attending all his probation meetings; going to Andy’s Man Club; keeping track of his alcohol intake; is still employed full-time as a support worker; and is in remission from cancer.