The Plan B Custody Navigators programme is an initiative funded by the VRU and delivered by City Hearts in police custody suites across the county.

The Navigators aim to engage people aged 16 and over to help them make the right choices and to step away from crime. They engage and listen to those detained in custody and seek to understand how they have become involved in criminality. They provide help and support aimed to steer them away from criminality and support them on a journey away from the one they are on now.

One of the clients helped by Plan B is FW, who was arrested after an allegation of Common Assault on his estranged wife, who he was still living with at the time. He met with a Plan B Navigator in custody.

The main area in which FW needed support was applying for housing. Support was also requested around the processing of the divorce, which has been postponed until the end of 2022/beginning of 2023.

FW has resolved his housing need, and has a far better outlook and frame of mind about the future. FW has also completely refurbished his house, in a complete transformation from its original state when he first moved in.

In all areas, FW is exhibiting a better attitude. FW will be going through a divorce at the end of 2022/the beginning of 2023, and will need support with thinking and attitudes during this phase of his life. FW knows he can reconnect with a Plan B Navigator at this time for further support.

FW said:

“During the time that I have spent with my Plan B Navigator he has constantly given me positive advice and during his visits and consultations he has helped me to focus on moving forward with my life and demonstrated a considerable understanding of my ongoing problems giving me much needed support as and when required.

“Overall Mark has given me the confidence to deal with situations that normally I would have had no control over and to overcome said issues by the use of reason rather than just losing control of my emotions.

“The Plan B Navigator’s perseverance and endeavours to help me to focus on the positive has enabled myself to move forward with a better understanding of where I want to be and to be more resolute in achieving that goal.”