FRESH Woodhouse have received £6,510 from the South Yorkshire Violence Reduction Unit to deliver provision with children young people and families within the local community.

FRESH is an open access group for all children and young people in the area. They offer a safe space for young people to meet in St James’ Church Hall in Woodhouse, Sheffield.

Dave who is a Youth and Families worker at Fresh said: “Our work has been invaluable to the young people from the local community. We encourage friendships and relationships.  In addition, we help them with issues surrounding self-esteem, anxiety and everyday challenges.

“FRESH Youth have three sessions of 30 minutes per week. These include various activities that young people can dip in and out of as they like including chatting and playing which encourages young people to form and maintain relationships.

“The young people then have a chat about topics that are relevant to them and their needs and this includes our weekly ‘catch up’ and see how their weeks have been – showing a genuine interest in their lives.

“The final section is for team games and sports showing a need for them to interact with one another and continue to build their relationships through teamwork and problem solving.

The funding from the South Yorkshire Violence Reduction Fund has paid for a communal room in St James’ Church Hall to be re- furbished to provide an engaging lounge area for the young people to meet and discuss important topics and build relationships with the volunteers.

Dr Alan Billings, South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner and Chair of the South Yorkshire Violence Reduction Unit Executive Board recently visited Fresh Woodhouse along with Senior Area Manager from the South Yorkshire Violence Reduction Unit, Angela Greenwood.

Dr Billings said: “The collapse of youth services over the past ten years has been a big factor in children and young people being drawn into anti-social behaviour and crime. This funding gives some of the children and young people of Woodhouse a safe place to meet.

“The refurbished room in the Church hall is a welcoming environment where friendships can be made and staff can explore with young people the importance of making positive choices in life.”