The South Yorkshire Violence Reduction Unit are holding a virtual event on Wednesday, 20 October to introduce the Plan B Custody and A&E Navigator initiatives to employers, support groups and educational establishments that could help individuals involved in violence.

The Plan B Custody Navigators work in the custody suites based in Barnsley, Doncaster and Shepcote Lane, Sheffield.  They support individuals brought in to custody in relation to violent offences.  Navigators work with people who may have issues in their life that can lead to them becoming entrenched in violent crime.

The A&E Navigators are based at the Northern General Hospital.  These navigators support individuals that attend the trauma unit with violence related injuries.  The period of hospitalisation after a violent or traumatic incident, where people may be considering lifestyle changes, is when they may be open to receiving support.

The work of all navigators aims to reduce violence across South Yorkshire by breaking offending cycles.

The event will provide more information on the initiatives and include speeches from Dr Alan Billings, South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner and representatives from each of the initiatives.

Dr Alan Billings, South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner and Chair of the Violence Reduction Executive Board said: “I am determined that we get on top of serious violence, including knife incidents, in South Yorkshire.

“We have a twofold approach.

“On the one hand the police will come down hard on individuals and gangs who resort to violence.

“On the other we will seek to prevent young people being drawn into violence and steer others away from violent lives.

“The Navigator projects are part of that.

“When men find themselves in hospital or a custody suite that can be a moment when they stop to think about the life they are living.

“We call this a teachable moment.

“Navigators meet them and will help them to do whatever is necessary to turn their lives around.

“I know this can work because I have met people whose lives have been changed at a similar project in Glasgow.

“Serious violence has blighted the lives of too many individuals and communities and we are determined to make a difference.”

The event is open to organisations and groups that can offer support on housing, finances, transport, substance misuse, diversionary activities that include boxing, football and other sports.  We are also looking for employers and educational establishments that would like to get involved.

Graham Jones, Head of the South Yorkshire Violence Reduction Unit said: “The aim of the event in to sign-up as many organisations as possible.  We want to be able to signpost anyone involved in these initiatives to the relevant support that they need.

“By working in collaboration, we want to provide individuals caught up in violence, the opportunity to become financially secure, in appropriate accommodation to help them become healthy, educated and employable.”

The event will start at 12 noon on Wednesday, 20 October.  If you would like to attend, please book a place here – book tickets through this link

More information on each of the initiatives can be found on our website here – Initiatives