Funding provided by the Home Office to the South Yorkshire Violence Reduction Unit is being channelled in to community organisations across South Yorkshire to help with support needs after the coronavirus lockdown.

The funding is being directed to smaller charities and community groups within the county for support to children and young people, to ensure they can resume their activities after the coronavirus pandemic.

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Angleton Youth Club

To reduce the risk of special educational needs children being involved or have potential to be recruited and groomed into gangs or other criminal activity.

Big Brother Burngreave

To help children stay off the streets and use their time to engage in sports activities to keep active.

Darnall Football Academy

Safe football coaching sessions for individuals took place and young adults and children from the local area benefitted from this. 

Grow UK

The ISRAAC Somali Community Association

To create a safe environment for centre users especially during this difficult time.

Mums United

This project aims to tackle youth violence and child drug exploitation.

Unity Gym Project

To offer an adaptive package of preventive and diverse youth work to engage young people on how to respond to conflict, violent incidents and anti-social behaviour. 

Winn Gardens

Tinsley Forum