The South Yorkshire Violence Reduction Unit and Police and Crime Commissioner, Dr Alan Billings, will later this month hold a virtual listening event to gather the views of victims, charities, community groups, and support services on tackling Violence Against Women and Girls.

The aim of the event is to give individuals and organisations the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas, to help set the direction of the Police and Crime Commissioner’s strategy and inform the work of the Violence Reduction Unit to address Violence Against Women and Girls across the county.

The event will be attended by the Police and Crime Commissioner; the Head of the Violence Reduction Unit; representatives from South Yorkshire Police; the South Yorkshire Police Lead for Violence Against Women and Girls; and representatives from the four South Yorkshire Community Safety Partnerships.

Commenting on the upcoming listening event, Graham Jones, Head of the South Yorkshire Violence Reduction Unit, said: “Violence Against Women and Girls has a terrible impact directly on victims, and indirectly on other women and girls who too often do not feel safe in our communities.

“As a Violence Reduction Unit, we are determined to tackle this issue. In November, we brought together partner organisations from across South Yorkshire to identify the work currently taking place, and discuss how we can co-ordinate these efforts and work together more effectively.

“We are now holding this follow up event to ensure that our approach to tackling Violence Against Women and Girls is led by the victims and organisations who experience it day-to-day.”

Commenting, Dr Alan Billings, South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner, said: “Violence Against Women and Girls has emerged as one of the most important challenges facing us as a society, and as South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner I have made it a priority to address this issue.

“As part of forming my strategy to do so, it is important to hear from individuals – including victims – charities, community groups, and support services affected, so that their views, needs and experiences are prioritised.

“I am looking forward to attending the listening event later this month, and to continued engagement with local residents, organisations and partners as I work to ensure that South Yorkshire is a place where women and girls feel safe, and are safe.”

To find out more and register for the event, follow this link: