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Mentors In Violence Prevention (MVP) within the educational setting will start to tackle the culture, the beliefs and the attitudes that say violence is acceptable.

The approach will also allow discussions on domestic abuse, bullying, harassment, sexual violence, weapons, Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) and the different forms of hate crime.

Quick summary

The Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP) is a leadership and bystander programme designed to visit schools to educate school teachers, staff and pupils on the bystander model.

A bystander is somebody who sees of knows about a certain situation such as bullying that is happening to someone else.  If a bystander does nothing about the situation they can be seen as condoning this behaviour.  The Mentors In Violence Prevention Programme aims to educate people that they can do something to stop the situation and not be a bystander.

The programme was developed in the United States by US Educator Dr Jackson Katz and is delivered in South Yorkshire by Graham Goulden from Cultivating Minds UK.  Graham was a police officer in Scotland for 30 years before becoming part of the Scottish Violence Reduction Unit.

MVP offers excellent opportunities to discuss a range of current social issues within an educational framework where positive relationships, health and well-being are key.

We often try to deal with the violence that we see and do not tackle the culture, the beliefs and the attitudes which may result in the physical act itself.

MVP will encourage discussions on domestic abuse, bullying, harassment, sexual violence, weapons carrying, Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) and different forms of hate crime.

The programme places young people within realistic and relevant scenarios.  It will raise the important issues to young people and challenge their current way of thinking.  By discussing the issues with their peers, it will inspire leadership around the issue.

Group discussions will encourage young people to share, the often, healthy norms that most of them believe in.  By sharing their opinions, they will be able to reassure themselves and other young people.

A young person who feels safe and supported in their learning environment, will attain.  MVP places healthy relationships within all discussions.  The benefits of healthy relationships in our communities will lead to less violence and reduced demand on already over-stretched services.

An introductory session was held in South Yorkshire in May 2020.  The South Yorkshire session was held over Zoom and included over 60 participants from educational settings across the county.

To listen to the audio from the introductory session held during the event on the 28 May click below:


The questions and answers raised during the session are transcribed here.

For more information on the Mentors in Violence Prevention programme see the below videos:



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