Domestic Abuse Prevention Fund

The South Yorkshire Violence Reduction Unit has awarded funding to organisations to work on new projects aimed at preventing domestic abuse in South Yorkshire.

A total of £200,000 has been awarded to 13 organisations in Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield from the Domestic Abuse Prevention Fund to work to prevent and reduce violence across South Yorkshire, focused on the primary and secondary prevention of domestic abuse.

You can view a full list of the successful recipients here Domestic Abuse Prevention Fund Successful Recipients

To read about each of the successful recipients and their projects, please click on this link, Domestic Abuse Prevention Fund 2020

Successful fund recipients

Fund recipients

Recipient Project Funding amount
Reducing interpersonal violence in children and young people's relationships £17,798
Say No! To Abuse £16,683
Sheffield Womens Aid
Parenting Support £15,000
Changing Lives
Growing Futures £15,000
Together Women
Chances £14,816
Thinking Big
Mind over Matter £18,000
YWCA Yorkshire
Rotherham Rise
Children and Young People Domestic Abuse Community Support £20,000
Gravity Red £15,000
Doncaster Childrens Services Trust
One of a Kind £16,000
Domestic Abuse Awareness £9,000
Barnsley Sexual Abuse and Rape Crisis Service (BSARCS)
Improving Futures Training £10,164
De Hood
#breakingthelink project £14,000