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Barnsley Metropolitan District Council

Barnsley Council’s Safer Neighbourhood Service uses a partnership approach to listen to and work with the public, community groups and businesses. It aims to reduce crime, protect the vulnerable and enhance community safety through integrated problem-solving.

Through the ‘Joining Forces’ initiative, we bring together key members of staff from the council, South Yorkshire Police and other partners as part of a borough-wide approach to help provide reassurance and keep residents safe.

We aim to identify and prevent environments and conditions where acts and cultures of violence may occur. This means working closely with our communities to understand what is happening and what is important to them, identifying those who are most vulnerable and ensuring prompt and effective intervention. This also means tackling those who may see violence as a means to an end and diverting people away from violence who may otherwise be attracted to it.

Through multi-agency interventions, we continue to protect the vulnerable within our communities as well as tackling crime and anti-social behaviour.

Through Town Spirit we want to work better together. If everyone in Barnsley does just one thing, together we can make our borough a more welcoming place where people want to live, work and visit.

#LiveIt helps us to support the most vulnerable people, making sure they can access support at the earliest possible stage.

#OwnIt by helping to make Barnsley a safer place and report incidents as you see them to the safer neighbourhood team.

Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council
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Barnsley Clinical Commissioning Group

NHS Barnsley Clinical Commissioning Group represents 33 GP practices and over 230,000 patients. We have responsibility for commissioning healthcare for the population of Barnsley. Commissioning is a process of planning and buying services to ensure that the people who live in the borough have the right healthcare. The steps involved in this process are:

  • Determining the needs of local people to improve health outcomes, reduce health inequalities and prevent ill health
  • Finding out what people think about the healthcare they receive
  • Designing better ways to deliver healthcare
  • Contracting with other organisations to provide the healthcare services that are needed
  • Monitoring the healthcare provided to make sure it is of the right quality and offers good value for money

We do this by commissioning or buying health and care services including: hospital care; rehabilitation care; urgent and emergency care, most community health services, mental health and wellbeing; and learning disability services.

We also do this with patients and healthcare professionals and in partnership with local communities and other local organisations such as the local authority and other NHS organisations.

The geographical area covered corresponds with the boundaries of Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council.

Barnsley Clinical Commissioning Group
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NHS Doncaster Clinical Commissioning Group

Doncaster Clinical Commissioning Group leads the borough’s £500 million budget, which is used to organise, pay for and monitor the performance and quality of health services in the town, on behalf of more than 320,000 patients. The Doncaster Place Plan refresh 2019-22 sets out a shared vision for health and social care across Doncaster. Our values and vision is set by GPs, supported by lay members, NHS managers and other health professionals. Together, they have responsibility and freedom to make decisions about the care and services provided for Doncaster and are committed to putting local people at the heart of decision making within the local NHS. We are a membership organisation and our members are the 40 GP practices based in the borough.

We continue to work closely with the South Yorkshire Violence Reduction Unit to ensure the health and safety of our patients and members of the public remains one of our key priorities.

Doncaster Clinical Commissioning Group
NHS Sheffield CCG Logo

Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group

NHS Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is an NHS organisation made up of the 79 local Sheffield GP practices.

We are passionate about helping the people of Sheffield live healthier lives. Our purpose is to ensure high quality, efficient and cost effective healthcare services for people across the city.

We are responsible for planning and buying (otherwise known as commissioning) many of Sheffield’s healthcare services. This includes hospital care as well as services people receive within a community setting (for example community and district nurses).

We work with other clinicians, healthcare professionals, patients and the public, to deliver high quality, efficient and cost effective healthcare services for people across the whole of Sheffield.

The CCG is a partner to the Violence Reduction Unit along with the other CCGs in South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw. We are a key partner locally across Sheffield with our provider partners, especially Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in putting capacity into A&E to support reductions in crime, focused on knife incidents.

Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group
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Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner

Dr Alan Billings is the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner and the Chair of the VRU Executive Board. The Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner holds the budget from the Home Office on behalf of the South Yorkshire Violence Reduction Unit.

Dr Billings is an elected politician who has held the role of Police and Crime Commissioner since November 2014. The Commissioner is the voice of the South Yorkshire public, giving them a say on policing.
His statutory responsibilities under the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act (2011) and the Police Act (1996) (as amended) include:

  • Appointing a Chief Constable, holding them to account for the performance of the Force, and if necessary, dismissing them.
  • Setting the policing and crime objectives for South Yorkshire in a Police and Crime Plan – [insert link].
  • Having regard to the views of the public of South Yorkshire about how they wish to be policed.
  • Setting the policing budget and determining the policing precept for South Yorkshire.
  • Contributing to the national and international policing priorities set by the Home Secretary.
  • Bringing together community safety and criminal justice partners to provide an efficient and effective criminal justice system for South Yorkshire.
  • Bringing together community safety and criminal justice partners to provide an efficient and effective criminal justice system for South Yorkshire.
Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner
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South Yorkshire Police

South Yorkshire Police is a strategic partner of the Violence Reduction Unit and wholly supports the aims of the unit. We are committed to early intervention and prevention because we recognise that many who are exposed to violence will suffer physical, mental and / or emotional health problems throughout the rest of their lives. We are committed to getting upstream of the issue and preventing violence before it begins. We will do this by approaching violence as a public health problem.

South Yorkshire Police