The area profile discusses the social determinants of life and looks at the causes of the causes of violence.  The social determinants of life are things like housing, employment, basic income, where we live, our environment, access to education, access to healthcare, our relationships, whether we are isolated, our relationship networks, community cohesion, social exclusion, poverty and deprivation.

The document also presents data on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and trauma that children and young people may experience.  These include domestic abuse (with violence), substance misuse, a caregiver in prison, divorce and separation, caregivers who have mental health issues and with physical, mental and sexual abuse.

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The area profile concludes that violence with injury in South Yorkshire is related to the following:

  • deprivation
  • development at age five
  • alcohol related harm

This means that people living in poverty, children with issues around speech, movement and toileting at the age of starting school and those with a dependency on alcohol are more likely to experience violence.

The area profile sets out 16 violence reduction priorities that have been agreed by the Violence Reduction Executive Board for all organisations working across the system in South Yorkshire.